GSMA MIFARE4Mobile V2.1.1 Implementation Guidelines Monday, August 31, 2015

GSMA MIFARE4Mobile V2.1.1 Implementation Guidelines

MIFARE® products have been widely adopted in the NFC ecosystem – particularly within the transport and access sectors – and is now one of the most commonly deployed contactless solutions.

The GSMA and the MIFARE4Mobile Industry Group have co-authored the GSMA MIFARE4Mobile Implementation Guidelines with the assistance of industry experts to offer guidance on interoperability and standardization between MIFARE product-based transport implementations on NFC-enabled devices.

The GSMA MIFARE4Mobile Implementation Guidelines provides a uniform approach to deliver ticketing and access services at scale on NFC-enabled devices through offering:

  • Recommendations and preferred options from MIFARE4Mobile specifications.
  •  A migration path from existing MIFARE product-based mobile solutions to MIFARE4Mobile V2.1.1.

These guidelines aim to assist mobile operators and service providers to deliver a consistent user experience and provide insight into technical considerations for implementations.